Decentralized private lodging “Kamon Inn Karahashi” opened on February 9, 2020

On February 9, 2020, Iroha Co., Ltd. opened the accommodation facility “Kamon Inn Karahashi”, which provides esthetic services, in Nishikujo Karahashi-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto.

Kamon Inn is an accommodation service that provides a complete travel and local experience for trips in a particular area of Japan. Karahashi is the fifth accomodation in the Kyoto and Toji area. Each accomodation has a different style and a family crest that symbolizes the area.

With the concept of “let time be kind to you”, we offer the beauty service “Sakura” in addition to the traditional lodging service. The hotel aims to create a memorable journey by providing guests a homy place to stay and an enjoyable healing retreat at the aesthetic salon.

In addition, Kamon Inn operates a private residence based on the concept of “distributed private lodging” and promotes the provision of an accommodation experience integrated with the town giving guests an experience of local living.

“Decentralized private lodging” is a private lodging that has multiple accommodation facilities in a specific area and operates with a mechanism to promote regional migration. By distributing accommodation-related services, such as meals, bathing, entertainment, and other services around town, it creates an opportunity for guests to walk around and explore the town.

In other words, he believes that by switching the role of private lodging from “places to stay” to “town hubs”, new accommodation experiences can be provided. The aim is to maximize the point of contact between the guest and the town, and to contribute to the community by utilizing vacant houses.

Facility information
Name: Kamon Inn Karahashi
Address: 43-5 Nishikujo Karahashicho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Opening hours: Check-in 15:00-/ Check-out-10:00
Access: Kintetsu Kyoto Line Toji Station 4-minute walk / Tokaido Main Line Kyoto Station 14-minute walk

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