Hotel Aoka Kamigoto [New Island Hotel | Goto Islands, Japan]

Looking for a new place to explore in Japan? Want to take a break from city life?

Enjoy fresh air, beautiful sceneries, and slow living at the Goto Islands of Japan. Let nature calm your senses and refresh your mind as you discover the many things that the island has to offer. Feel one with nature as you walk along rugged rocky shores surrounded by lush nature. Love going to beaches? Then you’ll enjoy basking at the beautiful beaches of Goto. Enjoy exploring UNESCO’s World heritage sites and historic architecture? The island has more than 20 churches to keep your itinerary booked. If you like fishing, fish by the sea, and you might get a catch or two!

After the day’s adventures, come home and rest at the newly opened Hotel Aoka Kamigoto. Founded in 1980 as “Kamigoshima Kanko Hotel”, it underwent renovation and opened on December 21, 2019 as Hotel Aoka Kamigoto. The name “Aoka” is derived from Aokatago, where the hotel is located. In the local dialect, “Aoka” also means “blue”. It brings to mind the image of the blue sky and sea of the Goto Islands making it the perfect name for the hotel. Experience the flavors of the island at the hotel’s restaurant “UMIGOTO”. The restaurant offers dishes that make full use of the ingredients of the Goto Islands.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other, the family or in groups, Hotel Aoka Kamigato has the suitable accomodation for you. There are the standard rooms: Standard Double, Superior Twin, Deluxe Double. Guests who want a more spacious space also have the options of booking: Condominium Flat A, Flat B, Layer Bed A, Layer Bed B, and the Aoka Condominium Suite.

^Standard Double, Superior Twin, Deluxe Double

^Condominium Flat A, Flat B, Layer Bed A, Layer Bed B, and the Aoka Condominium Suite

Hotel Location: 1714 Aogo-go, Shinkamigoshima-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun, Nagasaki

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