Zero Waste Hotel “HOTEL WHY” opens on April 25, 2020

The “Kamikatsu-machi Zero Waste Center” (WHY) is located at an altitude of around 700m. Surrounded by mountains and greeted with a beauitful scene of the deep valley, one cannot but appreciate the majesty of nature. The building is built from local cedar, discarded furnitures, doors, and windows. The center was constructed with great consideration towards the environment. It is a building that is set apart from the mass consumption and mass production society.

Enveloped by trees and nature, the residents will appreciate the calming presence of nature and learn about the importance of being environmentally considerate. The Kamikatsu-cho Zero Waste Center (WHY) is an eco-friendly, zero waste complex that helps people experience and learn about Zero Waste initiatives. Through their stay, the residents will be learn about being more environmentally considerate and see the possibilities of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The complex will be used as a destination for environmental education in the future.

Reservations for “Zero (0) Waste Action Hotel ‘HOTEL WHY'” will start on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Number of rooms: 4 rooms in total
Number of people per room: 2 to 4 people
Planned room price: 12,000 yen with breakfast per night ~
(Tax-free rate per person for 2 persons per room)

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